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An Easy guide to The Driver Theory Test

Published: 05/20/2022

The first step towards becoming a motorist, is the completion of the driver theory test. This is the practical test that you must pass before you can apply for your provisional driver license. 40 random questions need to be completed within 45 minutes. You need to answer 35 of those questions correctly in order to pass.  This might seem daunting and especially when most experienced drivers would probably not achieve a successful driver theory test. (More about that later!) However, with a practical approach and some studying, you can pass the driver theory test first time.

Where do I get the driver theory test?

The test is computerised and comes up on screen where you will answer using touch screen or a mouse and keyboard. You don’t need to be technically astute to take the test.  It’s as easy as online banking. The Road Safety Authority (RSA) Driver Theory Test (DTT) website  is the only official place to access and to book the theory test. Revision material, including an official app. can be purchased on this official site so you can prepare for the test. You may be able to borrow this Official Driver Theory Test book and CD and they are available in local libraries. There are also a multitude of other online sites and apps that also simulate the test and are available free for use. Getting hold of the test is not difficult and if you take the time, passing is not that difficult either.

What does the test focus on?

The driver theory test is all about safe driving. It is about proving that you, the learner driver, knows the rules of the road and current driving legislation before you are unleashed on to the Irish roads.  Some of the questions are obvious to most of us and the answers make complete common sense. Other questions are a bit more uncommon and would leave a veteran driver scratching their heads. Anything from ‘when should you use dipped headlights?’ to ‘When are children allowed to stand with their heads up through an open sunroof?’ Can arise during the test. Visual tests on hand signals accompany questions such as ‘What effect does automatic transmission have on engine braking power?’    Study is the only way that you will achieve the test. Keep doing practise tests until your results are consistently a 40 out of 40.  Before you sit the test, you should be an absolute expert on tyre treads, speed limits and any manner of driver theory questions.

Book the Test- online testing

When you feel confident enough, book the test through the official page either online, by phone or by post. The cost for a Category A or B driving license is €45.00. The costs and the difficulty go up if you are looking to get a bus or truck license. But Category A or B is the first step and all you need to concern yourself with as you dream of driving. You can take the test online or at a designated test centre. If you chose to do the test online, be aware that it is just as formal and serious as a test in person. While you can legally take a driver theory test at any age, the successful cert is only valid for a period of 2 years, and you cannot obtain a learner permit to drive any kind of vehicle in a public place in Ireland until you at least 16 years of age.

What if I fail?

There are no restrictions on the number of times that you can take the test, but at €45.00 a go, it’s an expensive business and most people will only sit the test when they feel they will absolutely succeed, and by that we mean when they are getting fantastic test at practise results.  If nerves come into play, don’t worry, you can take it again.

What if I pass?

Congratulations. You have now passed the first step in getting your learner or provisional license. The test is scored as soon as you finish and available to you immediately. The test centre will issue your pass certificate which you can use to get the learner permit.

What if I need assistance?

If you have difficulty reading, there is a voice over option. If you have language issues, difficulties with the onscreen options or if you need extra time, the RSA will make extra arrangements so that you can take the test. You just need to make the application for extra assistance by post and with supporting documents from a relevant professional.

The driver theory test is just a small step on the road to independent motoring. Spending time doing the practise test repeatedly and studying the test question is key to success.  And in case you need some inspiration to spur you on to passing first time, here at Peter Hanley motors we have a wide section of great starter cars that will suit your pocket and keep your insurance company happy. For more on first time insurance see here- First time Car Insurance and pop in anytime to view our new and used cars.

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