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Summer Road Trips

Published: 08/01/2023


Who doesn’t love a summer road trip? The freedom of the open highway. The road trip is back and with very good reason! It’s the season to enjoy the open road for staycations, ferry trips or those summer day trips for School holiday adventures.

If you have a family with younger children traveling in your own car to holiday at home is a much more practical option than flying to hot and increasingly hotter places. Traveling at times that suit you and taking breaks when it is convenient makes so much more sense than conforming to airport timetables. Here at Peter Hanley Motors, we love a good road trip. Music on, top down and zipping down the dual carriageway might translate into nursery rhymes, air conditioning and keeping safely within the speed zones, but a summer road trip is still the best of fun.



Getting the Car Ready - Electric and Conventional Fuel

Before you pack the car with snacks, drinks and children, there are a few practical and essential checks to attend to so that you can drive on with confidence.


Tyres always the first and most important check before you head off. They are the only point of contact with the road.  Tyres in good condition and inflated to the appropriate pressure are safer for you all, but they also make for a more comfortable drive, and they can save you money. If you want to know more about tyres, tyre pressure etc. you can read it here.  Don’t forget to check the spare tyre too.



Overheating is one of the main reasons why cars break down in summer driving. Keeping the car cool in heavy traffic (heaven forbid) or as temperatures soar, relies on coolant doing its job. Check the coolant level before your trip. Electric cars have coolant and the checking and changing is usually part of standard servicing. If you have any concerns about the levels of the fluid levels, coolant, or brake fluid, ask your garage to check it before the trip and before the cars display alerts you to a fault.



Take a wee drive and test the brakes on the road before your journey. Properly maintained brakes make all the difference in those vital moments when they are really needed. There can be slick or greasy road conditions during summer weather. If you have any concerns, it might be useful to get the brake pads and brake shoes inspected first and of course, here at Peter Hanley Motors, we are always pleased to check out any car worries you may have and ensure you are off safe for your adventures.


Windscreen Wiper Fluid

This is an easy fix! Check if your front and back wiper blades are in good shape. If they are showing signs of wear, you should replace them. Make sure that the windscreen wiper fluid is topped up before you start hurtling down the motorway with all kinds of flying gnats splodging on the windscreen and obstructing the view.


Air Conditioning

Air conditioning can reduce fuel economy in all cars and battery power in an electric car. It is an absolute necessity when driving during the hot summer weather. Problems with the air conditioning can occur for several reasons. It might be a lack of coolant, a worn-out air conditioning compressor or a broken thermostat. Even blockages in the air vent can prevent that cool, cool air from flowing. If you feel it is not working at its optimum, get your air conditioning checked before your expedition starts.


What Else to Bring...?

Don’t forget your driver’s license, a spare set of car keys (kept someplace safe) a flashlight and a waterproof coat (It is Ireland after all).  A car phone charger will be useful if you don’t have a USB port already. Litter bags for the car. Baby wipes are great even when you don’t have a baby to wipe. A roll of toilet paper is always useful. Paper money and coins for the odd time that a card won’t work.  Snacks, drinks, sunscreen, and chocolate. Sunglasses and good sounds are all that is needed to complete the preparations for an awesome adventure.  

Drive safe and have a blast on your road trip!

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