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Hybrid cars are outselling EVs

Published: 06/20/2024


Hybrid cars are outselling electric cars in Ireland.


We have certainly seen the trend within the industry and reflected in sales here in the garage. Electric cars, petrol and diesel cars are still buoyant and thriving, but there is no doubt that the hybrid is the preferred choice for many. This is backed up by year’s report from the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI), who say hybrid cars area outselling full electric and PHEV cars.
This is not just the case in Ireland. US car sales report that Hybrids outsold EV vehicles five times faster in the spring of this year. In Australia, Hybrids outsold EVs in three consecutive quarters with 95,129 sales – overtaking 69,593 EVs sold, in quarterly figures released by the Australian Automobile Association’s. So why are hybrids outselling electric cars?

It would seem that motorists want that lower cost, lower emissions motoring, but they just don’t feel ready for the full Electric Vehicle experience. when time is short means the best of both worlds for those who strive to drive green, butRange anxiety has to be the one main reasons for Irish motorists choosing to drive Hybrid. A smooth change from electric to petrol when its needed means no worries on any long journey. The fact that a quick stop at a petrol station will add kilometres of stress-free driving when the charger point may not be working or has a queue, or  don’t want the hassle it brings. Of course, it is still sending emissions into the world, but these are reduced when compared to a fully combustible engine.


The main differences in drive chains, electric, PHEV and hybrid

Hybrids and plug-in hybrids (PHEV) vehicles have an engine and an electric battery that combine to give a nice easy quiet drive that lowers emissions while maximising fuel economy. A Hybrid car uses fuel in the engine in the same way a petrol or diesel cars does and recharges the battery by using the engine as a generator. The term "self-charging" simply means the battery is charged by the engine, which uses petrol or diesel. They use less fuel than any petrol or diesel car and in particular, the petrol hybrid is great for low-cost driving and less emissions. The Hybrid is not always suitable for the rural driver and really comes into its own for the stop-go urban driving where the engine use minimises the fuel consumption. While the high-voltage battery in the hybrid is relatively small at 1 to 2 kWh and cannot be plugged in, the high-voltage battery in the plug-in hybrid is relatively large at 10-20 kWh and can be plugged into the electrical mains. This battery can often provide up to 50km of regular electric-only driving, so there is very little petrol cost. They are smooth, quiet, yet impressively powerful cars to drive and are known to give great performance overall. All Hybrid cars are automatic, and anyone who knows me, knows I am a big fan of automatics and driver comfort.   It is a testament to the reliability that extensive warranties are now part of most hybrid deals.  


Choice in Hybrid Models

Car Manufacturers are well aware that that driving hybrid is fast becoming the most popular way forward for those who want to reduce emissions while still driving a practical, smooth motor and they have invested in the latest high spec and advanced technologies in the latest models. This makes for much desires hybrid models on the market today. While the cars themselves are in high demand, there is plenty of choices available.


The Technology

If you love cars (and I do!) and engines (I do!) then you cannot help but be impressed with the interesting on-board technology of the hybrid car. The distribution from petrol engine to electric motor. The drive chain! For anyone interested in engineering, these innovations that are set to take us to a future that is seeing the demise of the internal combustion engine. Now, that wont be for a long time yet, but in the meantime, the Hybrid car is enjoying its day in the sun. The good news is that you don’t have to lose out on style, performance or reliability. 

Drop in to us or pick up the phone if you want to know more about the advantages and indeed, the disadvantages to driving a Hybrid car.  
As always, the door is always open, and the welcome is always warm. 


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