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The best car for a first-time driver.

Published: 03/16/2023


The best car for a first-time driver.

A first car is a very exciting purchase. Whether you are buying your own first motor or purchasing a car for the lucky college student in your life, it’s a big deal! In many ways it is a rite of passage and the start of real independence. The open road beckons! But, first time drivers should keep a cool and practical head while making that first deal. Whatever dreams there may be of a fast furious car with body kits, audio systems and high performance engine may need to be parked perfectly on the kerb outside the motor dealers. This does not mean you have to settle. There are many important considerations when getting a car on the road and a sensible approach will see a first-time driver behind the wheel of the best car for their needs and their dreams.

Here at Peter Hanley Motors we have set many a young driver on the road to a lifetime of motoring, with a smile on their face, even as ticked all the boxes for sensibility and practicality.

Financial considerations

Let’s talk money first! The overall budget considerations for your car will not just include the cost of the vehicle itself. The running costs, maintenance, car tax, NCT, fuel costs etc should all be taken into account when doing your calculations. For the first time driver, insurance costs are one of the main factors which influence the car you choose. In fact, here at Peter Hanley motors, we usually recommend that you sort out the insurance options prior to choosing the car itself. In recent years, insurance companies have put stipulations on the type of car that they will insure for a young or first time driver. This means that cars over 10 years old are usually not considered by insurance companies. They have also introduced speed reduction schemes and Start-up Programmes, where alongside the driving theory test, driving lessons and state test, motorists attend classes overseen by the Insurance Company for an in-house certification. This goes towards making the consideration for car insurance more favourable, but does not guarantee inclusion, nor is it reflected in a reduced price. You can read more on first time car insurance here

Insurance may mean shopping around, and it might be wise to check with us here as we usually have an ear to the ground on what an insurance company is currently offering. We can also assist in securing used car finance as we have strong connections with numerous financial institutions. Peter Hanley Motors have negotiated some of the best car loan rates on the market. Dealing directly with these financial institutions means we can pass the savings back on to the most important people, our customers. Talk to us about all the money considerations around your first car buy. We have the experience, the expertise and we speak plain English! Once the calculations and figures have been sorted you can get on with the delightful business of picking a car!


Finding the Right car for you

Plenty of car websites will recommend certain brands over others for the first-time driver. At Peter Hanley Motors we take a different approach and have stocked our vast car lot with a wide range of vehicles to suit all buyers. There is something there for everyone. Some brands are more suitable than others and a first-time car should be a solid, reliable brand with a good safety record, that is easy to manage and still brings that special ‘first time owner’ smile. We generally advise that for a first-time car, it is best to go for a smaller engine. This means that fuel and insurance costs are manageable. Second Hand is probably better than new for a first-time driver. Each vehicle we sell has a full history check and our in-house servicing team has inspected and passed it for sale. But before you fall in love with one of our cars, ask us all the important questions. Read more here on what to ask before you buy a car.

There are no hard and fast rules to the car you choose for your first time drive and at Peter Hanley Motors, we appreciate the full importance of making it a great experience that will give years of happy motoring. Our repeat customers are testament to this and we are proud to be still selling cars to grandparents who bought their first set of wheels from my father, right here in Ballymahon.

At Peter Hanley Motors we really do appreciate the first time driver and the thrill of that first car. Browse online, call to the showrooms or drop by for a chat and lets get you driving.

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