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Getting Ready for your Epic Irish Road trip

Published: 05/20/2021

Finally, we can get back behind the wheel, drive inter-county and enjoy Irish road trips again.  Isn’t it a fine feeling to be planning that summer staycation with the one you love the most? Your car! To help you make plans, we have some tips and suggestions for the most epic road trips on offer in this fine country.

It Is wonderful that we can get to Dublin, Cork or Belfast in jig time now, with dual carriageways and motorways.  But holiday driving is not about rushing to destinations. It is about taking your time and enjoying the view. Its about unscheduled stops to watch wildlife or to picnic and let the kids run around in unspoilt nature.  Ireland has some epic road trips for those of us who have missed driving for the sheer pleasure of it!

The Wild Atlantic Way

The full Wild Atlantic Way is over 2,500 km in length and winds through 9 counties, so you probably won’t drive the entire route on this one trip. But there are so many spectacular shorter trips on the trail that you will be spoilt for choice for coastal journeys to be done in a day or two.   If you prefer to have the road to yourself, (and who doesn’t?)  you can choose a less crowded route. Along the WWW (as we fans of the way call it) you can find that even as a specified route is off the beaten track, it loses out nothing in the way of breath-taking scenery. Donegal is a good choice.  Bunbeg to Donegal Town will bring you to the gorgeous Glengesh Pass, through Glencolumbkille, with its ancient monuments and green valleys and along the narrow coastal roads with more and more thrilling sea views at each turn of the road and ending directly above the unspoilt Silver Strand beach. The majestic cliffs of Slieve League are the highest cliffs of Europe and the winding road up to the car park is worth the heart stopping twists and turns and the most incredible view will be your reward.

Tip: Drop the car in for a quick service before you head on the road. We will make sure she is in tip top form for the adventure ahead. Oil, Coolant, tyre pressures and depth, lights and washer fluid. Book with us now if you are planning a summer road trip.

Connemara is a world apart for the driving day tripper.  The aptly named Sky Road starts in Clifden and winds along a circuitous route in one of the most picturesque areas in Connemara.  Rugged unspoilt beauty with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the beauty of the countryside on the other. Driving the Sky road brings you to wild scenery and cliff top views that will make you gasp.  This is one route that is just a few hours away but will make you feel like you are in a different country. Cheeky sheep too! 

Tip: Make a checklist of essentials before you go. Don’t forget the sunglasses, to reduce driving glare, warm clothes for chilly evenings walks as you watch the sunset, drinks and snacks, sterilising wipes and hand gels and all the other essentials, including your playlist of tunes to make life in the car a happy one.

The Beara Penisula in Co Cork might be a bit of a journey for us Midlanders, but there is a wonderful route from the Peninsula to Healy Pass in Cork that is a joy to drive. Of course, a bit of good weather helps, but even if it is cloudy and moody, this is a fantastic jaunt for all the family. A  long and winding road to Kenmare with coastal landscapes and hairpin bends, and the Atlantic Ocean crashing on the shore beside you.Bliss.

Tip: Bring the details for your break down cover, if you have it. Chances are you won’t need it, but its good to be prepared.

Road trips are a wonderful way for us to appreciate this lovely country at our own pace. Ice cream and sunshine.  Tunes on the radio. A gentle breeze. The road surface shimmering as you motor along carefree and enjoying awesome views. There is no doubt that the best way for us petrol-heads to appreciate Ireland’s epic beauty, is from behind the wheel of a car on an epic road trip.  We haven’t been spending as much time as we might like with our trusty motors, but with the adventure plan, you and the car can get re acquainted while enjoying awesome views. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to bring the family along too. 

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